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Welcome Seek KnowledgeWe at Paradise Café are Christians seeking to fellowship and encourage one another all the more so as the great day of God and Christ approaches! We have varied backgrounds from Jehovah’s Witnesses, ex-witnesses, and various other religious or non religious backgrounds. We seek to find truth and light in humility and respect for the beliefs and experiences of others.

If in the process of finding out things we may not have known, or things we have known that may have been untrue, may we seek to find a balanced and respectful way in expressing these things in the true freedom of Christ. May our love for God, Christ and our fellowman shine forth in what we say and how we say it.

May we make allowances for where others are on their ‘journey’ and never think ourselves better since we are ALL students ever learning, ever growing as mature spiritual people. We are a FAMILY at the Café, and ALL a part of Christ’s body, and as such are brothers and sisters. So let us strive to keep that body clean and upright in whatever topics we may choose to start or participate.

Our goal is not to ‘preach’ at others, but seek to understand, help, and encourage each other as we look forward to reaching our goal of attaining the real life! May we all find it together!

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