Site Guidelines

As you may have seen, our forum byline is “..keeping a tight grip on the word of life.” – Philippians 2:16

We are not a church nor are we affiliated with a church. Rather, we are a bible-based discussion group. Most of us are or were Jehovah’s Witnesses (or their friends and family members) who are searching for answers to our bible questions. This is not an ex-JW site, nor is it a pro-JW website.

We welcome all who wish to examine their beliefs in the light of God’s Word in the company of others. We are a research and discussion group with an emphasis on getting to know our heavenly Father and our lord Jesus Christ the living word, as God’s written word and spirit direct. Most of us here have had our thoughts and feelings engineered by the Watchtower and not necessarily by God’s word and spirit.

It can take some time and effort to examine what we’ve been taught and either retain or reject such beliefs without fear of reprisal. Keeping this in mind, we appreciate it when members back up their thoughts with scriptural references, especially when considered in context. An important point is that we are not a billboard for those who have a conversion agenda. We do not appreciate it when folks do multiple “cut and pastes” from their own website or blog. Nor are we looking for “teachers” or “leaders” or people to “rescue” us.

Please think of us as a peer group where everyone gets a chance to do research and express their view within the framework of these guidelines. If you have a blog or website and you wish to include it in your profile you may. We do not, however, permit any commercial enterprise in links or comments. Spammers will not be tolerated. Rude, crude or immoral posts will be edited by the moderation team and some of such posts will be deleted. Heavy sarcasm is discouraged since it tends to destroy the spirit of love and trust that we hope will prevail. Those who are disposed to fight or disparage may find themselves at odds with the board. There are places more suited to that sort of temperament. Those who persistently ignore the above may be given a time out or a ban.

We do not like to do this as it is upsetting to everyone but we will not hesitate if it is needed. All of us can get snarky from time to time. This is not a huge problem. What is a problem is when certain posters make a habit of this type of negative posting which creates a spirit of fighting and warring. This would be destructive to the board and will not be allowed. Posts that reflect personal supernatural experiences, occultism or gnosticism will be discouraged or even removed. Such posts do not find backing in the scriptures and cannot be challenged biblically. Some of the more “on-the-edge” but not “over-the-top” topics should be posted in the controversy room.

About PMs & Emails

Private Messages and emails are to be kept private and not posted on the board publicly unless both parties agree to this. If anyone posts PM’s without prior consent then the PM will be removed and the poster’s PM abilites will be turned off. This is a common rule for Discussion boards around the world and we all have the need to our privacy. However … if you receive a vulgar, obscene, racist or otherwise socially unacceptable private message please forward it to the PC Site Admin Team for review. No one may obtain more than one account. If we see that more than one user has the same IP address and email then the extras will be deleted. If there is more than one user in a household then it would be wise to have a separate email address. Sharing user names is strongly discouraged as it causes confusion. If you are “borrowing” a family member’s account, please indicate this in your post, i.e. (son) (husband) etc. Finally, brothers, let your brotherly love continue. Treat others with respect and as you also wish to be treated. This will help preserve our “family” feeling that we’ve come to treasure over the past several years together. May we all be concerned with building one another up as we wait for our Lord Jesus’ return. As always – to God’s glory.

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